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Who is Pickawall?


Pickawall is Australia's largest wall mural company. Our passion for custom wallpaper was founded by our experience as the leader in large format printing for over 12 years. Pickawall's wall murals are fully customised by you and made to order in our Richmond factory. We prepare, print, pack & despatch your wall murals within days of ordering and do not rely on outsourcing. Our library partners at Getty Images and Alamy, provide Pickawall access to 80 million high resolution images which you can use to create your own wall mural. Pickawall's interactive website allows you to fully customise your wall mural by editing colour, scale & rotation -  Pickawall also gives you the choice of uploading your own photos or designs. Our expertise and passion for printing on all types of fabric make us the stand out from our competitors and provide you with the best quality self–adhesive fabric wall murals.

Unlike other mural companies, Pickawall wall murals are printed on a unique 100% opaque fabric which adheres to all smooth surfaces, it can be installed, repositioned and re-used as many times as you need without damaging your wall or the mural. Pickawall is not a cheap vinyl sticker that trap bubbles or requires glue or paste. Pickawall was developed as an easy DIY wallpaper product. Importantly, as leaders in our industry we print our wall murals using Latex safe inks, which are odourless and free of toxins for the safety of your family & environment.  Pickawall's wall murals make it easy to transform your walls.

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