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Pickawall is Australia's No.1 Custom Wall Wallpaper and Mural Website. 

Launched in 2012 our interactive website allows you to fully customise your photo or design to suit your own décor or space.  Pickawall opens up a whole world of possibilities where you are the artist and designer – and the blank wall is your canvas.

An Australian company which has been the leader in large format printing for more than 10 years, our expertise and passion in printing on all types of fabric and vinyl products has helped us manufacture the best self-adhesive, removable wallpaper product on the market today, with a simple peel on, peel off application.

As leaders in our industry we print our murals using the latest in safe ink technology, which is odourless and free of toxins for the safety of your family & environment.   

Our library content is supplied and powered by the world’s biggest photo libraries, giving you instant access to more than 80 million images. You can also customise your mural by simply uploading your own photo or design.

Pickawall's innovative wallpaper is like no other self-adhesive fabric product on the market and is exclusive to Pickawall.  It’s easy to put up – and even easier to take down, reposition and reuse without doing any damage to your wall.

Pickawall’s wallpaper is opaque, odourless and unlike other commonly used removable wallpaper products, it's a fabric, so it breathes, making it simple to install. Get a sample to compare for only $1 Click Here

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